Verizon’s New Total Prepaid Brand Aims for AT&T’s Cricket, T-Mobile’s Metro

Verizon completed its purchase of prepaid provider Tracfone for $6 billion last year, and on Wednesday is set to make its biggest move in the space since. Dubbed Total by Verizon, the nation’s largest wireless carrier is adding a new prepaid brand to its stable that is designed to take on T-Mobile’s Metro by T-Mobile and AT&T’s Cricket Wireless. 

“I will tell you that right now our competitors are Metro and Cricket. I mean, I have no problem saying it,” said Eduardo Diaz Corona, president and CEO of TracFone Wireless. “And we believe we bring a lot more value to the table, and with the rollout of our exclusive stores we’ll also enhance the experience that consumers are going to have.”

The carrier says that the new Total brand will be available “at more than 50,000 retail locations, including Walmart, Target and Dollar General” as well as in special Total by Verizon retail stores and online. There will be four plan options, with the cheapest plan running $30 per month for a single line and including 5GB of high-speed data (after which you are slowed down to “2G speeds” though Verizon would not confirm just how slow these speeds are). 

For $40 per month, you will get 15GB of high-speed data (again, slowed down to “2G speeds” if you exceed that allotment) while the $50 per month will move you to unlimited high-speed data to go along with 10GB of dedicated hotspot data, a six-month promo for Disney Plus and unlimited talk and text to “five countries of choice” out of a list of 69. These three plans all include unlimited talk and text in the US and the ability to connect to Verizon’s 5G Nationwide network, the slower of the carrier’s 5G options.

For $60 per month, you can get 20GB of dedicated hotspot data, the ability to connect to Verizon’s fastest 5G Ultra Wideband networks, unlimited talk and text to 69 countries and will have Disney Plus bundled in. Each plan will allow you to add up to four additional lines, though it will be costly at $35 per line, per month for each extra one you add. 

Four lines of the cheapest 5GB per month option will run $135 per month at Total by Verizon ($30 for the first line, $105 for lines two through four) while the priciest $60 per month option would $165 per month for four lines. 

Verizon says it will take “5% off all plans” if you set up “auto-refill” which automatically renews your service each month. As this is a prepaid option, there are no contracts and you pay for service in advance. The plans are also available with the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program, which is a $30 monthly credit for eligible households that meet the government’s requirements. 

“What we want is that value-conscious consumer that wants a no contract relationship, but at the same time, they care about the connectivity for the family,” said Diaz Corona. 

The wireless plans for Total by Verizon

Total by Verizon’s plans. 


A crowded prepaid space

Rival prepaid options like T-Mobile’s Metro by T-Mobile and AT&T’s Cricket each operate their own stores around the country. Both prepaid alternatives also offer unlimited data plans with full access to their respective 5G networks for $100 per month for four lines, as well as 5GB options at $30 per month for a single line. 

Metro’s top unlimited plan runs $120 per month for four lines and includes 15GB of hotspot data, a subscription to Amazon Prime, 100GB of Google One storage and a year of Vix Plus (TelevisaUnivision’s Spanish-language streaming service). Cricket’s top unlimited plan costs $130 per month and similarly has 15GB of dedicated hotspot data, a subscription to HBO Max with Ads and unlimited texting from the US to 37 countries. 

In addition to Metro and Cricket there are a number of other prepaid options Total by Verizon will need to compete with. If you don’t need unlimited data or family plans, Boost Mobile and Mint Mobile each have cheaper options available particularly if you’re a new customer. 

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