Sony LinkBuds Deal: Score a Pair for $145 Today, a Savings of $35

Sony LinkBuds Deal: Score a Pair for $145 Today, a Savings of $35 1

From bopping around to your favorite music or getting absorbed in a great audiobook or podcast, the right pair of headphones can make any workout or even a stroll way more enjoyable. If you’re looking for quality sound and a well-rounded experience without breaking the bank, check out these Sony LinkBuds, now on sale for just $145 on Amazon.

These wireless earbuds have a unique, open design that separates them from competitors like Apple’s AirPods. We liked the lightweight and innovative design of these headphones and found that they fit comfortably and securely in the ear. The earbuds also have excellent voice-calling capabilities, are IPX4 waterproof and offer good sound for open earbuds. They also feature built-in Alexa and can last up to 23 hours with the charging case.

These buds aren’t the best at drowning out noise because of their open design. So for those looking for noise-canceling headphones, these may not be the top pick — you can see our list of the best noise-canceling headphones here. But if you want to try these out and save $35, act on this limited-time deal today.

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Sony LinkBuds Deal: Score a Pair for $145 Today, a Savings of $35 2

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