iPhone 14 Review: A Decent Upgrade for Most – Video

iPhone 14 Review: A Decent Upgrade for Most - Video 1

Speaker 1: This is the new iPhone 14 for the 15th anniversary of the iPhone. Apple did some things that are the same and some things that are different on the outside. The 14 inherits, the tried and true flat aluminum sided designed from the iPhone 12 and 13 on the inside apple essentially repackaged the iPhone 13 pro sends the telephoto camera and sends the high refresh rate screen. The result is quite lovely and makes the iPhone [00:00:30] 14 an excellent upgrade for most people. Hi, I’m Patrick Holland, and this is my review of the iPhone 14 for five days, I’ve been using a review copy on loan from apple in this video, I’ll cover the design, the camera upgrades, the processor, the software battery safety features, and more in the description chapters are set up. So you can jump forward in the video. If you like. Also, I got links to the iPhone 14, so you can check it out for yourself with all that housekeeping outta the way. Let’s jump into the [00:01:00] iPhone 14.

Speaker 1: The first thing to know about the new iPhone 14 is that there are two models, a regular one with a 6.1 inch display that starts at $799 and a new larger model with a 6.7 inch display called the iPhone 14. Plus that starts at $899. Both phones are available in five colors, midnight Starlight product, red [00:01:30] blue, which is what I’ve been using and purple, which is kind of more like a light lilac color for this video. I’m just gonna focus on the iPhone 14. Once I can get my hands on an iPhone 14 plus I’ll definitely do a review about it. I bring that up because Apple’s inclusion of the 14 plus might be the most obvious change to the non-pro iPhone. This year, the large iPhone fills a vacancy left by the iPhone. Many

Speaker 1: [00:02:00] Familiarity is an underrated quality and the iPhone 14 is filled with it. It has the same smaller screen, not that debuted on the iPhone 13 and the body is made of the same matte finished aluminum as the 12 and 13, which means that the iPhone 14 is 17% lighter than the 14 pro despite being roughly about the same size [00:02:30] that lighter weight makes the 14 a joy to hold and use. And that’s, before you even add a case, you also get a phone that’s rated IP 68 for water in dust resistance, meaning it can survive being submerged under six meters of water, about 20 feet for 30 minutes. So it should have no trouble having a can of YBA mate being spillt on it. That’s never happened before now. One thing that’s missing from the 14 that’s been on every iPhone ever made is a SIM [00:03:00] card tray and the us, the iPhone 14 will only work on EIM, apple partner with us carriers to ensure that the process of moving your old number to your new phone is as simple as putting your old iPhone next to the iPhone 14.

Speaker 1: Uh, my personal phone is on Google five, which supports EIMS. But when I try to transfer my number to a review unit, I had to contact the carrier to assist turns out. My SIM card was very, very old, but EIMS, aren’t new to the iPhone. [00:03:30] In fact, since the debut of the iPhone, 10 S and 10 R in 2018, the iPhone has supported EIMS, but usually as a secondary step. And then there’s the inside of the iPhone 14, which has been designed to help better dissipate heat. The internal redesign also means that the iPhone fourteen’s back glass, isn’t attached to the housing, making it cheaper and easier to replace for an out of warranty repair. The iPhone 14 has three cameras. There’s a main [00:04:00] wide angle camera on the back and an ultra wide camera. And on the front, there’s a new updated, true depth camera system.

Speaker 1: So earlier when I said that the iPhone 14 is an iPhone 13 without the telephoto camera that’s because the main camera on the 14 is very similar to the main camera on the 13th pro the fourteens main shooter gets a larger sensor and a lens with a faster F 1.5 aperture, which combined with Apple’s new processing pipeline called photonic [00:04:30] engine helps improve image quality, especially when you’re taking photos in darker environments. All of this means that the iPhone 14 takes great photos and videos, even when the lighting wasn’t good. I was still able to get a respectable snap, check out this photo of a dog taken inside the not so bright interior of a coffee shop. Notice how the iPhone 14 captured the texture and detail the dog’s fur. Also the dog was moving his head. When I took the photo and the iPhone [00:05:00] 14 did a decent job of freezing the action.

Speaker 1: The ultra wide angle camera on the 14 is one of my favorite cameras to take photos and videos with in terms of image quality. It ranges between good under bright lighting and just okay. Under low and mixed lighting. The extreme field of view on the ultra wide camera gives photos and videos a dramatic look, but in terms of image quality, the ultra wide camera is still a step down from the main camera. The iPhone fourteen’s night mode is improved, [00:05:30] but still suffers from light source reflections. Take a look at this night mode, photo of an overpass. Notice how the stores sign is reflected in the night sky. Now, here are some more photos and videos that I shot with the iPhone 14

Speaker 1: [00:06:00] Overall videos look good. Cinematic mode, got an upgrade and can now record 4k video at 24 frames per second. There’s also a new tool for video image stabilization called action mode. Basically, it’s [00:06:30] kind of like GoPro levels of image stabilization. And if you’re shooting 4k video, you just tap on the action mode button and the resolution drops to 2.8 K, but the results are fantastic in bright light video. Quality is excellent, but in low light things look muddy and image quality is just, okay, take a look at this video of a man pulling his dog who’s prone on a portable grocery cart across the street. The [00:07:00] details look soft. The other thing that makes the iPhone 14, a repackaged 13 pro is the fact that it has an a 15 bionic chip last year. There was two versions of the chip, one for the 13 and 13 mini and another with an extra GPU core for the iPhone 13 pro at 13 pro max.

Speaker 1: And that’s the one inside the iPhone 14 in terms of performance, the 14 is speedy animations look, smooth. [00:07:30] Gaming is fun. And the iPhone 14 handled well, pretty much anything. I threw at it from call of duty, mobile and asphalt eight to airborne plus two warped cart racers and Lego brawls. In terms of battery life, the iPhone 14 lasts a tad longer than the iPhone 13. I got through a day, no problem. And my screen on time average, about five hours, the iPhone 14 is also defined by what it is not, which is a pro iPhone apple [00:08:00] pack, the iPhone 14 pro and 14 Promax with a hefty amount of new features, including a new processor, a notch that has morphed into a display cutout, the dynamic island interface that surrounds the cutout and always on display, none of which are on the iPhone 14.

Speaker 1: Instead the 14 is defined by its tried and true design. So if you like the iPhone 12 and 13, then you’ll be right at home on the iPhone [00:08:30] 14. It’s a solid upgrade, especially when you consider that it costs the same as what the iPhone 12 and 13 did when they were new. Well, I definitely don’t think you need to upgrade from an iPhone 13 to the 14th. If you’re sporting an iPhone 11 or older, the iPhone 14 is a great upgrade that gives you better battery life, increased performance, a much better screen, better durability in cameras, as well as safety features like crash detection and emergency SOS via satellite. At [00:09:00] the end of the day, I really enjoyed my time with the iPhone 14, but realized that most of its best features are things you can’t see or features that hopefully you’ll never use.

Speaker 1: It’s easy to overlook the improvements apple made to the iPhone 14 or to be distracted by the flashy new features on the iPhone 14 pro and 14 Promax, which by the way, make sure you take a look at my review video for those phones. But when it’s all said and done the iPhone 14 is [00:09:30] like comfort food and we’ll hit the spot for most people. But now I wanna hear from you, let me know in the comments, if you have questions about the iPhone 14, lastly, if you like this video, give it a thumbs up and thank you for watching.

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