Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Cases

The next generation of foldable phones, Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4, is now available to buy. The Flip 4 is close to standard flagship phone pricing with a $1,000 list price, but the $1,800 Fold 4 is an expensive buy, even if you manage to snag one of the best Galaxy Z Fold 4 deals. And when you’re spending that much on a device, you’re going to want to make sure it’s protected against dings, drops, scratches and scrapes. Which means that the next thing on your shopping list should be a a good Galaxy Z Fold 4 case. 

We haven’t had the chance to test out all of the cases on this list just yet but we can draw on our experiences with Z Fold 3 cases from some of the same brands, even if those Z Fold 3 cases won’t fit the new model. As more Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases hit the market, we’ll be checking them out and updating this collection accordingly. 


Go straight to the source for Galaxy Z Fold 4 case with Samsung’s Fold 4 Standing Cover with S Pen. This case not only protects the back and sides of your phone but can also serve as a kickstand and comes with a detachable S Pen slot.

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Spigen’s crystal clear Air Skin lets your Galaxy Z Fold 4’s color shine through while protecting its back and edges. It adds just enough protection without being bulky thanks to its form-fitting and lightweight design. Wireless charging works uninterrupted and there are cutouts for buttons and speakers. It also comes in black if you don’t want a clear case. 


If you want to add a layer of protection with minimal bulk, Ringke’s Slim Case is a top choice. At just 1.2mm thick, it protects the back and sides of your device from scuffs and scrapes without weighing the whole thing down and makes use of adhesive to stay in place. It is available in black, clear or frosted finishes. 


Combining a hard shell and an impact resistant soft core, UAG’s Civilian case offers military-grade protection against drops for your Galaxy Z Fold 4. Its raised edges protect the display glass and its grippy material should help your phone remain in hand so you don’t actually have to test out its drop test rating. It’s still thin enough to allow for wireless and reverse wireless charging.


If you like to store your cards and ID alongside your phone, you’ll be glad to know that Galaxy Z Fold 4 wallet cases exist. This Fyton case can keep a couple of cards handy and easy to access and the wallet portion of the case also does double duty as a convenient kickstand. A variety of colors and finishes are available. 


If you’re planning on using the S Pen with your Galaxy Z Fold 4, you’re going to need somewhere to store it when it’s not in your hand. Spigen’s Thin Fit P is designed with a dedicated cutout on the side for the S Pen when it’s not in use. It doesn’t add a ton of bulk or an odd lump on the back of your device like you get with Samsung’s first-party option. You can save $10 at Amazon by activating the instant coupon on the product page. 


If you want to wrap your Galaxy Z Fold 4 in a leather case, Samsung offers a first-party option. It protects the back and sides of your device though the choice of colors is a little disappointing with just black or moss gray options to choose between.

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If you’re a little worried about dropping your $1,800 phone, Samsung’s Silicone Grip Case is worth checking out. Thanks to its built-in security strap, you can slide your hand around the phone and under the strap for a little extra peace of mind. As well as adding some utility, the strap also offers a unique design flourish that you might find attractive depending on your tastes. It comes in two colors (white or black) as standard, but additional interchangeable straps are sold separately if you want one that better fits your personal style.

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If you don’t need the S Pen storage but would still like your Z Fold 4 case to do double duty as a stand, you ought to check out Samsung’s Slim Standing Cover. It offers a soft, matte finish, protecting the back and edges of your device, and can be used to prop up your unfolded Z Fold 4 for hands-free viewing. 

You’re receiving price alerts for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Slim Standing Cover: $50

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