Best Apple Watch Deals: Series 8 Models Available Now, Save Up to $129 on a Series 7

Best Apple Watch Deals: Series 8 Models Available Now, Save Up to $129 on a Series 7 1

With the introduction of the Apple Watch Series 8 and updated Apple Watch SE along with the high-end Apple Watch Ultra at Apple’s fall product event last week, you suddenly have a wealth of new wearable options. The new Series 8 and Watch SE models are available for purchase now, with the Apple Watch Ultra to follow next week on Sept. 23.

The Series 8 starts at $399 in the US — the same as the previous Series 7 — while the new Watch SE starts at $249, which is $30 less than the 2020 model. The rugged Watch Ultra checks in at $799. The size and shape of the Series 8 and new Watch SE models remains largely the same as the models they replace, but they boast a couple new health and safety features under the hood, with a temperature sensor and car-crash detection.

Keep reading to see the new models and the discounts available for the previous ones.


The new Series 8 comes in the same 41mm and 45mm sizes as the previous Series 7. And like the past models, pricing starts at $399 for the smaller models and $429 for the larger models. The new Series 8 models are available now at Apple, as well as Amazon and Best Buy. Orders start shipping today, Sept. 16.

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Apple’s affordable Watch SE is now more affordable. The new 40mm model starts at $249 and the 44mm model starts at $279 — each is $30 less than the equivalent 2020 model. With the new S8 processor, the updated Watch SE will run 20% faster than the previous SE, according to Apple. The new SE also gets the temperature sensor and car-crash detection features as the Series 8.

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The Apple Watch Ultra is the biggest, priciest Apple Watch to date (aside from the precious-metal Edition models). It features a 49mm titanium case, a sapphire flat front crystal and a brighter display (2,000 nits). There’s a new dedicated second button, an improved speaker and a bigger battery. Apple promises the Ultra will run for 36 hours of full-power use, ramping up to 60-plus hours in reduced-function low power mode. Cellular is also the only model it comes in. You can preorder now, but Ultra models won’t start shipping until Sept. 23.

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You can save $50 on the previous-gen 41mm Series 7 model in a variety of colors at Walmart and Amazon. At Amazon, the GPS + Cellular versions are up to $130 off. While the Series 7 lacks the temperature sensor of the new Series 8, it does have a number of useful health features, including blood-oxygen saturation measurements and the ability to take electrocardiogram measurements. It also features an always-on display.

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You can save $129 on the GPS-only 45mm model of the Series 7 in green at Walmart. It’s discounted to $300. Smaller discounts are available on other color options. You can save up to $59 at Amazon when you combine the initial discount offer with the added savings at checkout.

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You can get the 40mm model of the 2020 Watch SE for as low as $240 at Amazon, which is $39 less than its list price, but only $9 less than the new Watch SE that starts at $249. Larger discounts are available on the previous-gen GPS + Cellular models at Amazon. The larger 44mm models of the 2020 Watch SE are selling for $299 and up, which is more than you’d pay for the new Watch SE that costs $279 for the 44mm size.

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